We have compiled various unedited FAQ by clients and consumers. We list them here to inform and hopefully help you to make a better decision. If your question is not listed, please contact us.

1. What makes Jewel Transportation different from others?

At Jewel Transportation, we provide our clients with the most unique San Diego Airport Limousine Service in today’s market. Besides standard procedures, which most companies offer, we go beyond those limits to provide our customers with fully personalized service.

2. What does “personalized service” mean?

When people request transportation services with other companies, they are asked simple questions. Pick-up time, vehicle type, pick-up location, and drop-off location. These are standard questions. Every customer is different and we understand that by offering extra to standard procedures. Our personalized service starts from reservations. We may ask questions regarding personal preferences. Which bottled water would you like us to carry, which magazines or newspaper do you read? For early morning pick ups we can even bring client’s preferred Starbucks drink. Many customers have route preference, favorite places to visit or a favorite radio station (WE PROVIDE XM RADIO IN ALL OUR VEHICLES). We make notes on customer’s profile, so we don’t have to ask same questions twice. These simple details allow us to provide our clients with most unique and personalized service.

3. Why should we switch to your services?

There are more then 26 thousand limousine companies registered in a state of California. Every one of them serves the same purpose… transportation. How they do it, is another question. “Service” is the most important aspect, which most companies don’t pay attention to. Our chauffeurs are highly trained professionals with at leased 5 years of experience in limousine industry. They have been trained to deliver only the best quality of service.

4. What should I do if I can’t locate my chauffeur at the Airport?

First of all, do not leave the location. Airport can be tricky. If for any reason you can’t find your driver, please call (858) 531-3828 and we will assist you locating your chauffeur.

5. Where do I meet my chauffeur?

Jewel Transportation proudly offers "Meet & Greet" and "Curbside Pick-up" services. If you scheduled for Airport Meet & Greet service, your chauffeur will meet you at the baggage claim carousel for your flight, with a prominently displayed sign bearing the company and passenger name. The chauffeur will assist you with your luggage and escort you to your vehicle. If you scheduled for Airport Curbside Pick-up, after you place an advanced reservation, you will be given a confirmation number. We will monitor your flight, confirm your arrival time and dispatch your private car to the airport designated waiting location area accordingly. Upon collecting your luggage, call us at (858) 531-3828. Give the operator your confirmation number or your name, the dispatcher will then provide you with the car number and direct you to the curbside area, outside the terminal. You will normally meet your driver within one minute.

6. How far from the terminal do you park the vehicle?

We park our vehicles as close as possible to your arrival terminal and gate, at the limousine designated parking area when you arrange a meet & greet pick-up. But note that Jewel Transportation carries San Diego International Airport (SAN) and Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) curbside pick-up permits. So if you don’t need any assistance with your luggage, the curbside pick-up is recommended due to its convenience.

7. Is your company insured and licensed?

Yes, of course. Unlike other operators, all our vehicles carry a state-mandated commercial automobile and liability insurance. In addition, all permits are issued and regulated by the respective counties we do business in. For proof of commercial insurance and city permits, contact us with such request.

8. How long have you been in business?

Our company was incorporated in 2006 in the State of California. We love what we do. We still employed most of our staff, chauffeurs, and dispatchers who we began business with.

9. Can I get a ride to the airport for less money?

Sure you can. We are a legit San Diego Airport Limousine Service company - insured and permitted as mandated by law. We do not compete with the unlicensed or gipsy operator who picks you up in his uninsured private car for half the price. Would you risk yourself or your family for a few dollars?

10. Why do you charge me for parking?

Parking fees can really add up. If you prefer to save the parking fee, we will pick you up at the curb when you are ready to leave. Your luxury car will be remained at the limousine lot - just few minutes from the terminals. No parking fee will incur.

11. Do all limo companies charge the same for the same service?

Prices will vary with every company. We display our prices with the purpose of allowing our clients to make an educated decision based on credentials and experience. Remember, "The best price is not always the best choice."

12. What is included in your transfer quote?

If we quote you an ALL inclusive rate, a transfer fare include meet & greet, chauffeur's gratuity, parking, luggage cart, tolls, and sea/airport fee (if applicable). Additional charges may apply for: customs flights, incidentals, and transfer stops along the way.

13. Can you give me three reasons why I should ride with you?

Most legit and licensed limousine operators carry about the same fleet, high-tech communication gadgets, and insurance coverage. It is the service provided by the chauffeur that sets a company above the rest. Our professional chauffeurs are experienced, background checked, and periodically trained in the finest customer service of our industry.

14. Who is your most important client?

All clients are important. We cater to the local individual who takes out his wife for a dinner anniversary to the affluent individual who needs transportation from the golf course to his private yacht.

15. Will I be charged if I cancel my reservation?

According to our cancellation policy, all deposits or payments are NON REFUNDABLE. If cancellation will be made less than 2 days for: Sedan or SUV services before scheduled pick-up time and date. Cancellations within 48 hrs will be charged in full. When you place a reservation, we do hold a vehicle from our fleet for you. Our reservation system won't allow us to release it until cancellation is made.

16. Do we need to tip the chauffeur?

We do include a minimum gratuity in our rates. However, gratuity is about compensating your chauffeur for his/her constantly catering to you. Generosity is a virtue.

17. Do I pay for the service if my flight is delayed or canceled?

Passengers are not responsible for flight delays, so you don’t have to worry about being charged a waiting fee if you arrive late at the airport. Complimentary waiting time is provided if your flight is delayed. If a plane is diverted or canceled, there will be a full charge. Usually, the airline will pay for any cancellation charge.

18. How can I make a reservation?

You can access our website and make a secure online reservation without the need of creating an account or you can also reserve your San Diego Limousine Service by phone calling us at (858) 531-3828. If you need further assistance in making an online reservation please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our representatives will gladly assist you answering any questions you might have.

19. Do you have experience in transporting somebody's VIP clients?

Yes. We do service families and high profile groups who flies to get to our area in their private or chartered jet and require ground transportation to friend's residence, hotel, golf resort, corporate headquarters, or sport/concert venue. These individuals range from top-level executives, celebrities, sport athletes, team owners, recording artist, etc...But to us, every person is a VIP. We want every single one of our customers to feel like they’re a star.